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for flammables

tested 90 minutes according to EN 14470-1

All our safety storage cabinets for flammables are manufactured according to the EN14470-1 norm and tested by the accredited laboratory LAPI. Each storage cabinet is manufactured with an epoxy coated metal carcass from galvanized sheet steel, embossed RAL 7035 finishing. Doors: embossed RAL 5018 finishing.
Special insulation with:
- Stonewool high density panels
- Gypsum plasterboards
- Inner carcass made from high quality MFC decor panels (melamine faced chipboard) with high resistance to many aggressive vapours.

Each storage cabinet is equipped with:
- AUTOMATIC door closer for each door with variable closing power which brings the door in the closed position after each opening. According to the EN14470-1 norm. To minimise injuries by closure of the doors, the closure static force will not exceed 100N between the main closing edge and the counter closing edge.
- Automatic hold open feature for each door named HOF to keep the door open. The door shall fully close in the event of a temperature of 50°C being reached in the vicinity of the front of the cabinet. The hold open feature is installed by request or shall be already included for some export markets. According to the EN14470-1 norm closing time of the door will not exceed 20s.
- Door(s) with lock and door’s automatic locking system after closing. According to the EN14470-1 norm it shall be possible to operate each door single-handedly.
- Adjustable feet.
- Inlet/exhaust air openings: positioned on the storage cabinet’s rear; inlet/exhaust air openings are equipped with a mechanical closing system connected to a fuse links 50°C and will automatically close when subject to a temperature of 50°C.
- 100mm. dia. outlet duct collar placed on the rear enables the connection of the cabinet to an exhaust system.
- Non-sparking hinges manufactured with different materials to prevent accidental sparking.
- Thermo-expanding gasket to seal the inner cabinets’ carcass.
- No. 1 epoxy coated spill containment sump
- No. 1 draining grid placed over the sump.
- built-in grounding lug, located on the left side to prevent electrostatic charges. For safe storage of flammables, it makes good safety sense to ground the cabinet.