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KEBORG is born as the specialist in the design and manufacturing of safety components and products for industrial, medical and laboratory sectors.
KEBORG safety storage cabinets are designed and manufactured to meet the three major security requirements to store flammable liquids and hazardous materials:
a) minimising the risks associated with the storage of flammable/hazardous substances and maximize their protection in the event of fire/danger for a known minimum length of time;
b) minimizing the pollution released into the working environment by retention of accidental spillage of hazardous substances;
c) in the event of accident, minimizing the risks for workers’ health, allowing designed personnel and fire-fighters to have sufficient time to intervene safely.

KEBORG can count on the collaboration with Metal’s Group, to whom it belongs, on the experience of its staff and its own technology to guarantee these results that can be achieved only with the constant commitment on research, the attention to international standards, the continuous exchange of information with customers and suppliers and the constant pursuit of quality.

KEBORG a company of Metal’s Group, serves the needs of the international market using the thirty years experience of the Group.
Metal’s is the industrial leading company in the production of high quality stainless steel semifinished and finished products for the most renowned German and international companies.

The competitive advantage of KEBORG is the industrial dimension of Metal’s that allows to both easily achieve considerable production quantities for large-series items and also manufacture customized items in small batches thanks to the optimization of components.

The distinctive features of KEBORG , Bioinox and Metal’s are quality, strength, functional reliability, care in details and style.

KEBORG technical department develops by CAD all components, thus allowing short lead time in the development of projects to meet market needs and in compliance with the sector’s standards.

KEBORG proposes a worldwide service quality, offering constant availability of the best selling products in stock, with the guarantee of fast delivery and quick service for after-sales service and maintenance.